Note: These are physical addresses and may not be the preferred mailing address. These listings are intended to help you find the church itself.

Antioch Baptist Church--638 Antioch Church Road--Alma, GA 31510

Bethel Baptist Church--422 Bethel Church Road--Douglas, GA 31535

Big Creek Baptist Church--701 Big Creek Church Road--Alma, GA 31510

Burkett Baptist Church--30 Burkett Church Road--West Green, GA 31567

Calvary Baptist Church--7720 GA Hwy 149--Ambrose, GA 31512

Carver Baptist Church--1080 Kamera Road--Douglas, GA 31535
     Church Phone 912-384-4594, Website http://www.carverbaptistchurch.net/site/cs/Index.asp

Central Baptist Church--748 Central Baptist Church Road--Douglas, GA 31533

College Avenue Baptist Church--714 College Ave. S.--Douglas, GA 31533
     Church Phone--912-384-4214

DeBerry Baptist Church--5500 Fitzgerald Hwy--Ambrose, GA 31512

Denton Baptist Church--11 Alabama Street--Denton, GA 31532

Douglas Chapel Baptist Church--174 Douglas Chapel Rd-Nicholls, GA 31554

Eastside Baptisti Church--1220 East Bryan Street--Douglas, GA 31533
     Church Phone--912-384-1225

Faith Baptist Church--756 W. Main Street--Willacoochee, GA 31650

FBC Alma--301 W. 9th St., Alma, GA 31510--Church Phone (912) 632-7905
     Website: www.fbcalma.net

FBC Broxton--108 Little Avenue W.--Broxton, GA 31519
     Church Phone--912-359-2313

FBC Douglas--124 N. Gaskin Avenue--Douglas, GA 31533
     Church Phone--912-384-5598  Website: http://www.fbcdouglas.com

FBC Pearson--280 N. Main St.--Pearson, GA 31642

FBC Willacoochee--280 W. Main St.--Willacoochee, GA 31650

Friendship Baptist Church--196 Friendship Road--Alma, GA 31510

God's People Baptist Church--4016 Bowens Mill Road--Douglas, GA 31533
     Website: http://gpbaptist.com/go/

GracePointe Church--942 Bowens Mill Rd. SW--Douglas, GA 31533
     Church Phone: 912-393-3601  Website: www.gracepointechurch.org

Green Acres Baptist Church--2525 Rebecca S. Waldron Rd.--Douglas, GA 31535

Mims Baptist Church--325 Mims Chapel Rd.--Alma, GA 31510

Morningside Baptist Church--2379 Hwy. 32 E.--Douglas, GA 31533
     Church Phone: 912-384-9416 Website: www.morningsidedouglas.com

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church--341 Mt. Pleasant Church Road--Broxton, GA 

Mt. Zion Baptist Church--341 Mt. Zion Rd.--Axson, GA 31642

New Beginnings Baptist Church--523 Roxie Mae Church Rd--Nicholls, GA
     31554 Website: www.nbbc.tinypurplegrapes.com

New City Church--724 West 11th St.--Alma, GA 61510 
     Website: www.newcityalma.com

New Harmony Grove Baptist Church--1482 Mary Batten Road--Pearson, GA 31642

New Hope Baptist Church--977 New Hope Road--Ambrose, GA 31512

Nicholls Baptist Church--200 South Liberty St.--Nicholls, GA 31554
     Phone 912-345-2362

Northside Baptist Church--2489 Douglas-Broxton Hwy--Douglas, GA 31533
     Church Phone 912-384-5929

Iglesia Bautista Palabra de Vida--49 S. Main St.--Pearson, GA 31642

Pine Grove Baptist Church--Pine Grove Church Road--off Hwy. 32 E-Douglas,      GA 31533

Pridgen Baptist Church--5570 US Hwy 441 N--Broxton, GA 31519 (Physically
     located in Pridgen)

La Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana--810 College Ave. S., Douglas, GA 31533

Providence Baptist Church--4920 George Deen Rd.--Broxton, GA 31519

Reedy Branch Baptist Church--96 Boxwood (GPS Address)--On US Hwy 441 
     just North of Broxton, GA--31519

St. Illa Baptist Church--5638 Hwy. 158 West--Douglas, GA 31535

Saginaw Baptist Church--604 J.C. Harper Rd,--Nicholls, GA 31554

Sand Hill Baptist Church--2212 Sand Hill Church Rd--Douglas, GA 31533
     Website: www.sandhillbaptist.org

Stokesville Baptist Church--Stokesville Church Road--Axson, GA 31624

Unity Baptist Church--193 Unity Church Road--Alma, GA 31510

West Green Baptist Church--20848 US Hwy 221 N--West Green, GA 31567

Westwood Baptist Church--2650 Youngie Fussell Road--Ambrose, GA 31512